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Our services in archery include the following areas!


1.  Trade with brand products from OK , Hoyt, PSE, Mathews, BowTech and many other brands,         

AAE, Avalon, BCY, Beiter, Beman, Bitzenburger, Bohning,  Brownell,

Cartel, Copper John, Decut, Doinker, Easton, Eli Vanes, Fivics, Flex Archery, Flex-Fletch, Fuse,

G5, Gompy, Jim Flechter, Kap, Kaya, MyBo, Nap, Neet, Predator, Qad, Samick,

Saunders, Sebastien  Flute, Shibuya, Speciality Archer Prod., Spigarelli, Spot-Hogg,  Sure-Loc,

TopHat, Toxonics, Tropy Taker, Truglo, Vaportrail, Viper, Win&Win, usw.


2.  Tuning  Recurve +Compoundbögen


3.  Trainings + seminars + workshops (max 6 persons)
Everything with our recurve and compound bows


4. Laser analysis of stabilization, speed measurements, video analysis


5.  All the necessary service and adjustment works on your bows


6.  Groups and individual coaching sessions (max 6 persons)
Training in the field (field) and on the Fita meadow.


We also like to come to you !






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