Own production

We manufacture cables and strings individually for you on one of the most modern machines on the market (Specialty Archery SuperServer 600). The strings and cables are pre-stretched with up to 375 pounds, and the center and end servings are attached under this tension. Peep rotation and a length of the tendon is almost impossible.

The cables and strings left all waxed the house.

The servings are treated with CamEx, which significantly reduces the wear in the area of the cams.

You can send us your bow or give us the info and after the completion of the strings and cables you visit us. On wish we shoot the bow with me (scale etc).
The delivery of the string and cables is also possible.




















String Compound               36€

String One Cam                  54€ 

Kabel ( Control Cable)         29€                          

Kabel ( Bus Cable )              36€                            


System Compound              100€

(String, Bus Cable, Control Cable)

System OK                             152€

( String, 4 Cable )


String Recurve                       25€                                                                         

Used Material


Compound      BCY 8190

Recurve         BCY 8125 G

Serving          BCY 3D

                      BCY Halo

                      BCY Spectra Serving Thread


Our systems are supplied with all protective servings (string stoppers, cable sliders). No extra calculation of these servings.
Also servings in Halo are not charged extra.

Prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping
We are currently offering these colors on bowstrings (8190-8125G).

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