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We are a archery eager family. For a good 20 years we are active. I have a trainer's licence and we shoot in the field, as well as on the Fita. We have won quite numerous German championships.
In the team of the field archery of national cadres Lena has taken part in 2016 in Ireland in the world championship.

We offer bows and products all around the archery sport.
With us this is called, they can shoot the bows with us according to the appointment arrangement.
After you have previously informed us of your bow data, we will set the bow individually for you.

The bows are the actual models of OK archery.
Absolute 35, absolute 38, absolute 40, absolute 42, absolute 44, DST 36

We also offer trainings , Workshops and trainer's hours.

We make cable and strings. This happens on the most modern machines (super server 600).

Our clubs:            VfL Ramsdorf e.V.
                              BSC Dorsten
                              SuSC Müllenborn















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